How to Optimize Your Website for an Easy Use

Searching for valuable information on the internet has become one of those things I have a deep passion for. Lately, I have been out and about trying to collect as much information as I could about how you can optimize your website for an easy use. I know many people will wonder why I have such a craving for this information.

Well, the reasons are many, but the most important is that I, as a social media strategist, have realized that most of my clients fail not because they get it wrong on the social media marketing aspects but because their websites mess them up. If you are to be successful, it is of primary requirement that you have a nice, usable website before you even think of marketing it.

Now, the internet has dozens of tips and tricks on optimizing your website for an easy use, but they all seem to be based upon just a few fundamental points. These are the points I want to share with you – pay attention!

Overlook not the ancient rules

The problem of website usability did not start the other day; it has been there since the internet became a tool for business. As you would therefore expect, people started looking for solutions to website usability long ago and this is what led to the development of website usability rules. While some of them, with time, become rejected or modified in a big way, one is sure to stand the test of time, if the success of Airbnb is anything to go by.

This company could not launch their website before making it a less that three-step process for customers to book a room from the first time they visit the website. Why should you make it a long process for customers to get where they want to be? Save their time and make more profits.

Solicit and take note of user comments

I have been to many websites but I have only seen a few that ask there visitors to leave their comments about the website’s usability. I think that is fortunate and unfortunate: fortunate to those who will read this advice and take heed and unfortunate to those who miss out.

Welcome comments and criticism from your web visitors. Let them know that you are doing that so you can develop a more usable website for them. Most of them will be ready to leave their sincere comments and those who are pissed up will blatantly say it. You still need that angry comment to make the website better. Once you get the comments, work on them.

Observe your website users’ activity

This could be a difficult task but pays off handsomely. Take note of the pages on which your web visitors spend more time and those that they exit moments after landing there. Observe what links they click most and you are sure to note a trend that will help you in optimizing your website for an easy use.

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