How to Optimize Your Website for an Easy Use

Searching for valuable information on the internet has become one of those things I have a deep passion for. Lately, I have been out and about trying to collect as much information as I could about how you can optimize your website for an easy use. I know many people will wonder why I have such a craving for this information.

Well, the reasons are many, but the most important is that I, as a social media strategist, have realized that most of my clients fail not because they get it wrong on the social media marketing aspects but because their websites mess them up. If you are to be successful, it is of primary requirement that you have a nice, usable website before you even think of marketing it.

Now, the internet has dozens of tips and tricks on optimizing your website for an easy use, but they all seem to be based upon just a few fundamental points. These are the points I want to share with you – pay attention!

Overlook not the ancient rules

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Website Usability: Why You Should Not Overlook This Aspect of Your Business Website

We surely cannot over emphasize the importance of website usability for any business website. We all know how annoying it is to be in a website whose links only lead you to the 404 error page. How would you feel if you try making a purchase from a given website just to find that the shopping cart is too complicated? It is definitely very annoying and that is basically why the usability of your business site is so important.

That’s not all; have you thought about the following?

Your website’s first impression

To me, the first impression that the visitor makes of your website is partly determined by the looks you give your business website. A website with a nice visual design, attractive color (I did not say too much color) and a well thought out arrangement will surely have a positive impact on the visitors. Remember that this website serves the same purpose as the store front and the customers would like to make their purchases from a clean and beautiful space.

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Optimizing Your Website for an Easy Use: How Safe Is It to Overlook Old Usability Checks?

We are all always very glad to receive positive changes, and do so in wide open arms. I personally love change and highly appreciate whatever improvements that technology has brought on website usability. Optimizing your website for an easy use now has taken a new direction and there is a tendency of website owners to pay less attention to the traditional website optimization checks.

But before you join the rest of the people, shifting attention from the traditional website usability checks, you need to take your time to study the effects of the trends that they are taking. Accepting change is indeed a wise thing, but I have also noted that sometimes it is wiser to look at things from a distance as they change. Be part of the change only when you become certain that the change is positive. Take a look at the following:

1. Load time is just a traditional usability test

That is indeed very true. The loading speed of websites is one of the concerns that were addressed long ago when websites become the big thing for any business. Most developers today will give you a website that is less than 100kb. However, I still come across 400 kb websites that take ages to load. If your business website falls in this category, you are either seriously unserious with it or you just don’t care about your visitors’ experience.

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Website Usability: What About It Is In The Website Layout?

There is no doubt that the website layout is one counting factor when it comes to website usability. The problem is that while most people agree that the layout of the website is important, many of them do not know just what exactly is in it about website usability. So why don’t we take a few minutes to explore the world of optimizing your website for an easy use to find out what layout has to do with the art?

1. Attractiveness: Website Aesthetics

Logic will tell you that most people like to be associated with nice looking things – aren’t you one of them? Besides, working in a pleasant environment, in this case, a pleasant interface, makes you relaxed and at ease of doing whatever it is you want to do. That is not any different when it comes to websites. Sites with a well organized and pleasant interface are more usable.

2. Where you place your important content

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Website usability myths and facts that people know little about

Times are changing and indeed, so much is changing with time. A few years back, if you were keen to follow, you remember how easy it was to do website search engine optimization – just making sure that you repeat the keywords as many times as possible (but of course in a logical way).  Now things are never the same again since Google and other search engines focus not only on the keyword usage but on a range of other factors, one of them being website usability.

Well, that is not the only reason why website owners and web masters are so conscious of website usability these days. The most important reason, perhaps, is the fact that there is a very stiff competition online.  It is clear that people will not spend time on a website that has poor usability as they can simply move on to another and find the same content, on a better interface.

This phenomenon has seen a number of theories being developed about optimizing your website for an easy use. As you would expect, some of these theories carry a lot of important facts but others are nothing better than mare myths. Take the following for example:

Myth 1: The Three Click Rule

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Optimizing Your Website for an Easy Use: Five Little Known Secrets

I give my “Thumbs Up” to those website owners who have been able to attract huge volumes of traffic to their websites. But I will tell you something that most people have not known or have chosen to just overlook. Loyal web visitors are of much more value than a huge volume of traffic that will not take more than five minutes on that website.

So how do you get this loyal traffic? The answer is in optimizing your website for an easy use, which now leads us to another question; “how do you optimize your website for an easy use?”Find all the answers you need below.

1. Make finding information easy

Isn’t that point self-explanatory? Well it looks like it is…. But what exactly is the measure of the difficulty of finding information on a website? Most people will shout “the number of clicks one has to make to get to the information”.

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Website Usability: Why It Should Be Your Priority during the Development Stage

Let us first address the question of what this website usability is. We say that a website is usable if all the links, applications and other features on the website, function exactly the way the developer intended them to, and the users find it easy to make use of these features. The website users should also find it easy to move from one part of the website to the other as they search for information. One important characteristic of a usable website is that it loads in a short time.

By now, it should be obvious to you that website usability is necessary for the success of any website. The sad reality is that, while many website owners appreciate the importance of website usability, some do not see the essence of prioritizing it. I believe that before you even think of launching your website, you should think of how you can make it usable.

It is very important to take time to test your website’s usability before launching it officially. Keep in mind that most people are skeptical about new websites and just a little hitch can make them lose trust in your website. Such things as the ease with which they move around your website and how well the applications work will be some of the things that the users will check…even though indirectly. You should therefore take no chance. Remember, your website usability forms an important part of the first impression that users get of your website.

Another important aspect of website usability is its complexity. A website can become really complex and difficult to use if you place all your applications, links and other features on the same page. You should therefore determine, from the beginning, what features you want your website to have. Then come up with the appropriate number of pages and organize the pages to provide a user friendly interface. It is a common and a very advisable strategy to have all the links to the different web pages on the home page.

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