The Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing: The Three Most Basic SMM Strategies

The internet is so full of information about social media marketing. Useful some may be, but most information is a total waste of time reading through. But even with the indisputably large volumes of information on this field, there are aspects that I have found missing in this area. During my earlier days as an internet marketer, I was glad to read what beneficial information I could lay my hands on. But until now, I feel that what I am about to share with you today has been a missing link.

These are the three most basic strategies of social media marketing:

1. Declaring your identity

The people you expect to be your prospective customers are meeting you on the internet for the first time. They do not have the chance to directly speak with you. So the only way to win their trust is by letting them know exactly who you are. Thanks to most social media websites, you have a chance to upload your profile, detailing everything from your website, qualification and specialization. SMM will surely not work without this.

2. Associating with potential customers

The “potential customers” are not really potential customers unless you associate with them to the level that they are proud to be associated with you. I tend to think that this is the most challenging part of social media marketing but the only way to success. Think of it as the most important chance that the social media websites give you for building your brand.

3. Response

When strategies 1 and 2 have been well implemented, what will most likely follow are questions and criticisms from the prospective customers. When this happens, you can start smiling since it is an indication that interest is being generated.

Your success in the social media marketing endeavor will depend on how fast and effectively you respond to the questions and criticisms. Take this as a rule of thumb – never be on the defensive side even when negative criticisms come about. Your task is to build trust and confidence in your followers and they will handle the rest for you.

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