Tips for converting social media leads

If you are unsatisfied with your social media efforts, then it is time for you evaluate. Determine the flow of information or interaction, the strengths and weaknesses of your efforts.

Determine Social Media and Traditional Online Leads

It is important for you to be able to identify what kind of leads are coming from social media platforms. Check on the common social media channels, that are usually sources of your sales cycle including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress and LinkedIn.

You should be able to determine what makes it different from one another. You should also identify the places where you are directing these leads. They are appealing with content, not landing pages.

Aside from the social media outlets, you should not overlook traditional online channel leads. You should be able to determine what particular type of traditional online channel are directing leads to your sales cycle. The problem with this kind of online leads is that you are calling for immediate action on the part of the receiver; however, it often turns into a very brief sales cycle.

Classify All Leads Based on Conversion Points

Direct Conversion Points. This means the consumer had specifically indicated an interest to the product or service and will buy in no time. This usually is known when the customer clicked on a paid search or banner advertisement.

Indirect Conversion Points. These are points that refer to people who joined one of your product-based webinar, followed your blog or subscribed to your newsletter. These people should have given their contact details in reply to a piece of content they like.

Engagement Conversion Points. These points are gained from people who have become a fan of your Facebook Page, clicked on your tweets, become a follower, liked or commented your posts. These people already communicated with you however you still don’t have their contact details.

When dealing with each conversion point, your approach should be different. Remember to consider the time frame for each conversion point. Those coming from the social media usually last longer.

Determine the Weakness of the Social Media Leads and Make Appropriate Actions

You should know where you fall short in your efforts so you can know what changes to implement. This is important so you know what actions to take so you can direct movement through the sales funnel to the sale. You must be able to come up with a scheme that will take your customer from social media platform to your website and give positive response.

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