Your Business Needs a Facebook Fan Page: Set up a Killer Page

The talk about the effectiveness of social media marketing is all over the place now. Every business that is not using social media for business, knows that it is actually losing out on more publicity thus more sales. One thing that every business is striving to have right now is a Facebook fan page. Unfortunately, most of these business people have not even the slightest idea of how to go about the whole thing. If you are one of them, then here is the guide you need.

Let us start from the very basic thing; what is a Facebook fan page? Well, if you have been to Facebook before, you most likely know of the personal profiles that users of the website create. To some extent, fan pages serve the same purpose as those profiles.

Since it is not possible (or let’s say not appropriate) to create a profile for your business, you can create a fan page for your business. On the page, you can add all sorts of information about your business such as your company description, the contact information, business videos and press releases and even include a link to your business website or blog.

Steps to creating your business Facebook fan page

  1. Log in to your Facebook account
  2. Scroll down the page and at the very bottom, click on “create a page”.
  3. Choose your type of business – local business, entertainment business, organization or brand/product
  4. Choose the category and enter your business name then click on “get started”

With that, you will have completed the basic steps and your business fan page would have been created. However, that is just the start. You need to edit information about your business which includes it physical address, company overview and description, mission, awards, products and contact information. The good thing is that you can always edit this information even at a later date.

Making it a killer page

The first thing you should do to attract many fans to your business Facebook page is to provide as much information as you can about the business. That makes it more professional and trustworthy. Make the page unique by uploading your company logo, photos, videos and any relevant RSS feeds.

The big thing nowadays on Facebook is the Facebook Applications that help you engage your page visitors much more. An application such as YouTube allows you to link your page visitors to relevant videos. This gives them an additional reason to always visit your page and to refer other friends to it.

All that we have discussed so far is what most businesses are doing. So how do you get ahead of the pack? One simple answer; design your personalized applications. This may be costly but pays off handsomely.

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